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Conflict is a force that is neither good nor evil. It has a part in how the universe works. Conflict will never stop, regardless of people trying to prevent it; there will always be wars, disasters, violence, racism, Genocide, and Government order collapsing all around.

But that how the universe always works. Order will be destroyed and Conflict will rise. Conflict will be destroyed and Order will rise. That how it will always be, regardless of what universe, place, species, gender. They will always be Balance.

But the Balance can't work in the universe if either order or conflict is taken out of the picture.

The point that I'm trying to make is that I'm sick of seeing HIE fics involving Equestria being always being peaceful when the human gets there.

An, do we even know that Equestria history is always peaceful? The only thing that we see in their history that show conflict was the everlasting winter that they had when they were just three tribes, they tried to solve it peacefully, but due to their racism views against each other, the talks collapse.

And they all fighting each other, even themselves, for little scalps of food, and I'm pretty sure there was cannibalism due to lack of food.

While they all fight and eating each other and their own governments collapsing, their three leaders decide to find new land for their people.

But again when they discover each other, they began fighting and bought the winter with them. The winter finally ended when their followers had finally discover friendship among each other, and hoping for the Harmony of their race, they unified the three tribes and made Equestria, and everypony had their happy little ending.

I doubt that.

Like really, you can't just remove everypony in the three tribes racial views upon each other overnight when their leaders say their uniting the tribes into one country in friendship and harmony.

Sure they were doing it for the survival of their race against the everlasting winter, but since that was over and everything was going back to normal, I bet there groups in each race that want to independence from Equestria, causing protests, and probably riots during the early years of the nation.

And there came Discord, master of chaos itself, a god to everyone beneath him; with his chaos powers, he was able to topple the Equestrian government and rule it in chaos.

Then came the alicorns, Princess Celestia and her little sister, Luna, emerging from the only place that Discord didn't control: The Everfree Forest.

Knowing that the ponies can't be free without them, Celestia and Luna, using powerful artifacts, the elements of harmony, against him, but I doubt he will gave up the throne without a fight.

In the end, with Equestria devastate around them, they were able to stop him with the elements, turning him into stone.

by seeing both the opening episodes of Season 2 and seeing multiple statues, including Discord himself in a public garden, and from the dialogue from Discord, It hints that he wasn't the first to turn into stone.

Kindly proving that Celestia isn't the prefect angel that many of their subjects think she is.

Hundreds of years later, they will soon face King Sombra enslaving the entire Crystal Empire, bringing wreath and power to him. The only they face against him was that not everypony was against him in his little empire.

They were able defeat him with their armies, but the cost was the entire empire, disappearing from the face of the earth.

Another hundred years later, Nightmare Moon appears.  

Fed up with the ponies favoring the day more than her night, and her sister not paying attention to her due to her job, Luna was soon consumed with hate and plan to topple her sister rule and bring a new age to Equestria with Eternal night.

In my option to this event I doubt that this incident was more than a bloodless coup against her sister, and had become Equestria's first civil war, and had last for a few years instead of a few days.

But Celestia was able to defeat her sister in the aftermath, sending her and imprison her for a thousand years.

Celestia devastated over her sister lost, promise herself that Equestria will never go into conflict again.

Oh, how wrong she was to keep that promise.

For the next thousand years (By your opinion on how Equestria went down between Nightmare Moon and the present) were a serious of crises that engulf Equestria that went from protests in change of government due to new political ideologies from overseas to war with various races and countries rule by other ponies.

And now to the present day of Equestria; Equestria had come out of many fires in its history; now with the return of Luna and the new bearers of the elements, ponies might think their troubles are over and a new era of peace has begun.  

But always the peace will always collapse and conflict will rise from the ashes like it always did.

So, that the end of that, but before you comment I will like to say that everything above that I wrote wasn't trying to make the ponies look like the monsters. I was trying to make them like us.

Some people in the fandom might say that ponies can't do that kind of stuff due to friendship and harmony and the show doesn't show that.

But you got to remember that the show was supposed to be for little girls. So, yeah they made Equestria look like a paradise, but for the little kids, not for us who want to go there to escape our problems here.


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I'm a writer who...well write fics. I started that about two years and currentily writing the fan fic: When the darkness comes on and on

I have a sister named Morgan.

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